Chasing Dreams


I started from the other side of the border

As I got older, that's when me and my family came over

A loner, stranger in a new world with new people

A different language, different culture made me feel unequal

Like why I need to adapt to a new world a a new life

Had me feeling like I could never be anything if my skin wasn't white

Alright, maybe I could be

But what could guarantee if I succeed there wouldn't be someone trying to shoot me

Truth be told, I feel like this world has always been cold

Even when I'm wrapped up in 20 blankets sleeping alone

Tryn' to make a house to a home, speak through a microphone

But with so much nonsense pilled on, I'll probably never be known

As I get grown, I notice the changes in the world and in myself

I don't have the same ideas or mentality as i did when i was twelve

I see obstacles I never payed attention to when I was younger

But because of those struggles, today I feel I'm much stronger



The oldest in my family but I'm still my mothers baby

So musch need for money but the lack of it is driving me crazy

Cause lately I find myself trying to do better and get ahead

But I'm worrying if the money I have will be enough instead

In bed I lay at night trying to recapture my dreams and goals

Cause I don't want to be another statistic of an immigrant kid who went for it all but fell short of the gold

See, I was told by my parents that great things are what I'm destined for

So I strive everyday in every possible way to make them proud of me as I grow

Cause I'm young but I know that great things come to those who don't wait

And that's why I'd rather arrive early than to show up late

My state of mind is to stay focused and my decisions are set

So even if I wanted to, my dreams I couldn't forget

So I let my pen glide as I write this

So whoever is reading or listening doesn't feel like an alienated kid


They say life is what you make it so I want to make it big

And fulfill all the dreams I had when I was just a kid

I used to kid saying I was gonna be the boss in charge of things

And that I wouldn't be like Pinochio and let others control my strings

Imagine that, a little guy with a great mentality

Now I'm working towards turning my dreams into reality

I do it for my family and friends who believein what I do

Hopefully one day I'll find a way to thank each and every one of you

Because I believe in giving back and repaying favors

And I don't see it as an obligation, just a way of saying thank you

I'm the first person in my family to attend a university

And everyday I contemplate how much getting a degree will work for me

And I believe that it could help a great deal

That's how I feel, And that's for real

But still I know it's not as easy as it seems

Lack of money, lack of resources but I'm still chasing my dreams




Such a powerful and relating poem. 

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