Changing It Up

As the warm morning sun seduced me, lured me up and up out of my protective winter haven, I reached for the sky when a crisp biting wind penetrated deep into my roots, I thought that I would surely wither up and die. Shall I just curl up? Succumb to the icy arctic air? NO! I say again NO! I choose the least likely path, reach for the sun, reach for your life! Ever stalwart, my stem is mighty, stretching skyward, life once again fills my veins, feeling alive! As my leaves uncoil and expand, I feel the power of life surging within me as the vernal equinox grabs hold and will not let go. Spring and all of God’s glory gives life to every living thing, the intense frigid blast melts away and the wildflowers bloom so intensely, covering the ground with the color and majesty of God’s own loving hand.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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