Changes Everything

Adrenaline boiling in my veins like hot molten hot lava or acid rain.
Once the seasons change and the heart heals, nothing will ever be the same.
Games are for the birds, lets use loving words to get this love on the right accord.
I can only speak about my love for you being priceless, losing out on it I can't afford.

Yes, life is a highway that goes both ways.
It's guided not only by the words we say,
But mainly from the actions we make day to day.
The only way to a better place is to growth through the worse phases.
Maybe it's time for social distancing get some space.
Do some self-care or go to a seperate safe place.
The goal is to clear my head,fix my face.
If we don't be mindful it's about to get ugly in this place.
Please have mercy on us Dear Lord for goodness sake.

Trial and error brings about more of the same ole pain.
Can't give up the fight of washing these stubborn stains.
Jumping into an empty pool is just insane.
Hearts on fire, about to explode it's spitting flames.
We are both equally the ones to blame.
I'm failing to see anything positive or changing gains.
We may stay as one, but pain like this changes everything.

This poem is about: 
My family


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