Change The world NOW

What would I change about the world?

Till this day racism is still an issue, but why though?

The color of one person's skin shouldn't make a difference each individual is human and have the same exact rights no matter black, white, blue, yellow, or purple.

There are people who talk bad about there own race so why make a big deal? negativity shouldn't even be mentioned when speaking of your own kind, God made us all equal not to discriminate on one another

There should be no such saying as "black people only do this" or "only white people do this" anyone can do as they please.

If you feel as you don't like what a person does, the way their lifestyle is,  the way they talk, dress, or present themselves just keep what you have to say to yourself.

Don't always pay attention to their skin, STOP stereotyping and actually take the time to know their interest and you'll see a different view of them

So, my change to the world would be to put an end to racism for good.

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Our world


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