Change and Blame


What’s happening? Everyone is so sad.Everything seems so different.There aren’t any smiles. Is everyone going to change and leave me behind?Everyone is so different but I feel the same.This isn’t normal.I feel unwanted. Am I doing this?I’m a pain.I cause pain.I am the problem. What happened?We were happy.Nothing was this complicated.There were no tears Was I just being naïve?It all can’t change that quickly.All the problems had to have been there before.I didn’t even notice them. What if I would have notice the problems?I could have fixed everything.We could all still be happy.Everything would still be perfect. What’s going to happen?We can’t stay like this.I feel alone.We are all going to be alone. Will it all go away in time?I’m scared.I don’t want things to be like this.Please fix this! Can I even do anything now?It’s too late.I ruined it all.I should have behaved.


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