To change the American Education...



To change the American education is to change a lot about the teacher. It is to give them better funding, more respect, and a decent financial future. It is to hire teacher’s who have compassion, who have drive, who have vision...It is to make sure that teacher’s offer love, empathy and get rid of indifference.


To change the American education is to realize that for everyone, school CAN’T come first; that some students go home to experience abuse, no love, and hurt. Not everyone has the luxury of making school their top priority, they cannot focus, they cannot breathe; they are hungry, physically, emotionally, and mentally.


To change the American education is to challenge students; to pull their potential right out of them, and slam it on the make potential tangible. To tell them that they can, and WILL, succeed...that they can, and WILL, do better...that they can, and WILL, make it out of their neighborhood, or prove their relative wrong, or hurdle the obstacle. Because you can SEE it in them. They acquire it, they have it, they are in possession of it.


You see, to change the American education takes hard work; some elbow grease. It is not easy, it is not fair, it is not black and white, and it is not square...It is crazy. It requires out of the box vision. But, if you only give it a try, I think you might start to listen. Changing the American education is worth it you see, the next generations guides the country of you and me.



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