Sat, 02/13/2016 - 03:10 -- ejedem

Stop lets take a look at what's around us recently nobody sayin that they found trust

a society that's covered up with irrelevant factors of a life that we don't live it's really frightening

mean while we bein blinded by the lighting
prevented from seeing keeping people oblivious you so gay he's retarded she is ugly man they stupid always jokin bout the things that are so serious.

I am a hypocrite matter fact I think it's worse cuz I am able to realize and still do it.

Meanwhile change is standing like a mountain and although people are failing everybody trynna still move it.

See I use music and so do many other people who can spread the truth with talent and they do use it.

But it don't work when everybody else with talent don't refrain from acting childish and take that talent and abuse it.

I wake up in the morning same path I tread pray to God he keeps me safe I don't get shot in the head or robbed on the streets or get jumped because of what's on my feet all because I decided to wear the color red

Forget calm yea I think it's time to panic
because society is sinkin the titanic and it's a cycle that is killin us like Michael going round and around and around like the planet.

Stop lets take a look at what's around us the truth is off and the deception is on you're focused so much on all irrelevant factors of society so tell me what u gon do when it's crumbled and gone.

All this hate and animosity war because of property contribute to the reason why the world don't function properly. And cuz im speakin honestly I think all of you should we played this card and the effect is killing us

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Our world
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