change is what defines me. the changes my life have made and I’ve made in my life have made me. who cares if I am the best. just go for it. do not hold back yet stay true to your convictions without faltering.  run with the change and enjoy the view. anticipate the hue of the journey ahead.    love. love is the enduring constant in my heart. love is what makes the change right.  smile smile smile. show the love you have inside. let your inner person shine and ever make your life worthwhile.  be the one to light up the space so all a day’s troubles you might just erase. may your joy be felt. your laughter heard. your freedom smelt but keep it still.   i am who I am today not because of my passivity; not because of settling; i am who I am today because I’ve chosen to live, live a life in action. i’ve chosen to love, to make leaps, to take chances, to smile. when I come upon a new road i run down it… with some fear but a lot more hope.   


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