The Challenge

Would I still stand up? Even if all are against me?

Would I still help out? Even if my pockets are empty?

Would I stand my ground? Even if the foundation is weak?

Would I be willing to lose it all? Even if I'm at my peak?


Could I yell out to a crowd, "I'm black and I'm proud"?

Could I speak my mind? Even if it's disallowed?

Could I go full force, in terms of the cause?

Could I finally show my voice? Even if I have to take a long pause?


I'm up for the challenge, even if I have to stand alone.

I'll do what I can, even if it's out my comfort zone.

I will stand my ground, even if the foundation is broken.

I'm willing to lose it all, even if failure is forespoken.


I'm proud of who I am, afro out and fist held high.

I'll say what's on my mind, with my head faced towards the sky.

I'll give it my all, until I take my last breath.

Standing up for what you believe in lasts long, even after death.


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My country
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