"chains of dreams"



who am i 
sometimes i forget about the person inside 
steady given parts away that belong to me 
steady given all my time 
everyday i pick a part of me that seizes to exist 
personality turns to pure bliss 
learning memories i miss 
seem to come off as a dream 
learning my reality,might be just a fantasy 
n everytime i close my eyes i see the world 
which according to me, is my true reality 
its the life i feel n hope for, i know i shoulld be living 
but instead im waking up, to a everlasting ending,of an unhappy ending 
one that you see in movies,its full of pain and hurt 
with no understanding,with fingers pointed at me 
i wish that i would awake,unto ma chain of dreams 
that people cant wait to see and break,they want to decieve me 
they want me to cry and say i give up on my life!!! 
i give up on my life!!! 
but i feel as though this life i lead is the true nightmare 
and that god left it up to me to mix my real dreams, with this false reality that i have been living outside ma dreams 
so do i dare to bring my night and day nights to a clear 
lead them to a life of drama and pain and let them do their dirty work 
with only truth to gain and positivity 
smiles and laugther with no more reason to close my eyes 
and picture this world beyond my fantasies and childhood dreams 
the reason y im on this earth, the answer to my life meaning 
the chain of dreams should be my life events 
that are meant to be lived 
but do i need to close my eyes for them 
or walk towards them in front of my eyes 
or are they really in front of my eyes 
but i choose to close them 
because n all truths 
do i really dare? 



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