Oh how they made us love these chains,
we wear them everyday.
Our boys are cuffed and pulled away.
We'll never see a change.
Whether wearing them around our necks,
or close the gate at night.
We put them on our pitbulls just so
we can see them fight.
The story's just beginning,
these young boys don't know a thing...
They'll never know the days our,
ancestors were chained into a string,
then they were thrown in the sea.
Until they pulled each other down.
Oh how they fought against the ocean,
how they swallowed only water,
till the lot of them would drown.
And their souls arose to heaven,
staring down at them in chains.
That's the story of our people,
a people who just love the chains,
they're blinded by captivity,
and lack to see reality.
They're homing pigeons flying,
such a lot they cannot be,
might seem as though they're walking,
with no chains, they're still not free.
Our children go to prison,
act like kings, but they are dying,
in those awful chains,
they're not able to see.

This poem is about: 
My country


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