Life is perfect now

it hasn't always been

see all of the problems started

around the time that I turned ten


My dad died when I was six

and then there came the coke

Mommy became addicted

and us three became her joke


Then there came the abuse

and although it made us strong

others started to notice

that things were going wrong


We became a name in the system

and we stayed in a strange place

then there came my brother

and he became the bold face


We now had a family

what else coud go wrong?

I became my own enemy

I was saved merely by a song


I became strong along the way

as if by another force

it turned out

the force was me


Now that things are joyful

I want to start a life

and when I think about it

I think about my previous being


I'm breaking away from custom

notice how I no longer rhyme

that's becase i've allowed myself

to go on without the chains

my mother no longer controls my life

and I have become her pain


This poem is about: 
My family



Beautiful poem, I love the breaking of the rhyme.  Can't wait to read more of your poetry.

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