Cavities for the Mind

Sat, 04/20/2013 - 21:53 -- gerbear


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I hear it all the time,
Your words are truth,
Your words are strong, ha.
My words are drowning in lies,
And are too weak to suffice.

I mean sure I could spit some rhymes,
Freestyle my way through the night,
Jib Jabbing, making no sense,
In a failed attempt to make you notice.

Sure, I could take a punch,
And poke fun at your illiteracy,
And I could paint this town purple and white,
Trying to make sense of things.

Because to be honest with you,
Would mean that I would have to figure my own shit out,
And I don’t think that I am capable of demasking myself.

I don’t think I’m capable of revealing the open wounds,
You’ve been slowly pouring salt over.
To see if it would burn,
To see if I felt pain,
Pain of the thousands upon thousands of lies
You have bestowed upon me.

The pain of the “never painful” words you say like:
“Maybe you should try,”
But excuse me,
Because I believe that,
That is all I’ve been doing my entire life.

Trying to be me,
To be free,
Trying to ace that test,
And put a smile on my face,
Trying to hold back the tears,
When they ask me:
“Why did you do it?”

Trying to not speak the truth,
Trying not to cut my lip,
When I’m biting it down to the point of the loss of circulation,
Because all I want to scream out is:

But that’s not entirely true,
Because mommy didn’t raise no fool.
Mommy didn’t raise me to tell the truth,
She said to me:
“nod and lie through your stinking teeth.”

By the way, did I mention I have 12 cavities?
I guess the lying got to me.

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