The Cause of Winter

They Say, “Winter Comes Once A Year”

I Say, “It Can Actually Be Year-round”.

You’re Probably Thinking, “What Does He Mean?”

Don’t Worry, I Was Going To Inform You.

Let’s Start Off From The Beginning So You Won’t Misinterpret My Direction,

By Looking Up, After You’ve Finished Reading, Listening, or Going Through Your Text Messages

Understand Where You Are and What Mindset You Have…

Because That’s What One Man Tried to Do With His Soon to be Girlfriend Before She Passed Away.

No She Didn’t Die, nor did she leave the earth;

But she rotted from the inside out

Turning into the material that she is fond of;

And wasn’t capable of being revived.

Now she is tainted,

Like the waters of the sea surrounding the oil spill of the government that claims to call it an “accident”.

On the behalf of Twilight, she was unable to succumb to her addiction.

And that was, to see something she was not…

He seen it,

So he tried to change it by bathing her with the love of knowledge and success

But instead, she remorse, and went back to suppressing her mind with the thoughts of her heart

And became confused to think “she was in a relationship”?

It confused the man,

And then she trusted the man

A mistake he took upon himself because he didn’t want to play with her heart.


He called her “Snowflake”

And Now That Winter Is Around The Corner,

It’ll be hard for him to forget about her when she left.

Because many Images of her, will fall from the sky landing on his shoulders

Reminding him how they used to be….Side by side.

But he doesn’t have to worry.  Winter is Only 3 Months Long. While Spring Is 2, and Summer is 3 Months;

That’s enough time to watch her melt underneath the sun and evaporate

With the rest of the Currency Cost of the Dollar Bill within the United States.


Now you’re probably wondering, “Who’s the man he’s referring too”?

Do You Remember what I told you in the beginning?

“By Looking Up…?”

Yea, That’s Right…I’m The Man.


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