Cathedral Storm

Wheels bearing stiffly on a frozen road,
shoes clatter softly on fallen snow,
a veil of black covers swollen eyes.

Rocking gently over rugged soil,
jarring awake this bitter turmoil,
preparing to lay rest these last goodbyes.

Heartbeat slowing with every turn,
boiling trails of rain, sizzling, burn,
cold stone waiting atop a hill.

Gruesome cathedral of eternal night,
one last glance in the dim twilight,
then everything at once became so still.

Raven rain trailing broken steps, 
thorned roses prick to bloodstained depth, 
hands shaking so with fright, intertwined.

Petals fall, a twilight storm,
red raindrops scatter, lifeless, no form,
on wooden cathedral walls now left behind.


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