Catch Me If You Can


I feel like a bird

You know when they are about to fly for the first time.

They feel free with spreaded wings and fly

Fly free like no one could touch them.

Like if I went to the edge of the stage

And reached out, I couldn’t touch you.


But if I fell

Then you could touch me.

I have a question about that.

If I fell, would you catch me?

C’mon if I fell would you catch me?

Of course not, I’m big.

I’m not the thin Victoria Secret Model you see on tv.

But even if I’m not, would you still catch me?


I don’t know.

Because I don’t know you,

All I know is me and also

What I’m doing this weekend and

Next wednesday.


But what I can tell you is that if you fell,

I would catch you because

The sense is that if someone falls

Even if you don’t know them,

You SHOULD catch them!


You SHOULD catch them!

Even if you didn’t know what they were falling for.

Whether it’s for love, drugs, money, or sex

You should catch them!

Because when you care about someone,

You don’t care what they’re falling for,

You just know to be there when they are falling.


But of course, you won’t.

You won’t be there,

But how could you,

Because It’s not your problem,

It’s not your life.

And that’s the problem.

When you can’t even help another,

You don’t realize that you are falling yourself!



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