Does bullying solve anything?

It doesn't when it takes a toll on someone's pride and self-esteem,

You spew words like poison which makes their blood steam.

But who cares right? It makes you feel better.

You think it's entertaining; becoming a trendsetter.

You get people to join in on the "joke,"

Ensure them that all they're gonna do is poke.

Poke at the unfortunate soul who's nothing more to you than a skeleton in a casket.

It's alright because that kid, is just another pawn in your game,

That kid truly believes that time will fly but you keep breaking its wings.

The only trophy you deserve in this game you play?


No one will know how he feels.

No one will want to speak up.

No one will understand.

No one will wish him luck.

Time will tell what will happen,

Time shall tell.

Why did he have to let his life, 

Which holds so much potential if given the chance,

Hang by a rope entertwined with hate, regret but not one strand will have hope.

Because you took that away.

He isn't you, but what happen to him will be that reflection you see in that mirror.



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