Castor and Pollux - The Twin YouTube Stars

Hailing from the constellation Gemini, Castor and Pollux are both mortal.and immortal twins. Sharing the mother Leda, Pollux asked his father, Zeus, to let his half brother share his immortality. Thus, Castor and Pollux share this immortality but when they are up to no good, Zeus takes it away momentarily. 

Many years later, this immortality has lead the twins to the modern day. Seeking fame and fortune, they have resorted to Youtube. And they've made a big impact. They are most famous for their show, Between Three Trees. In this show they interview celebrities using a sarcastic yet funny tone. Interviewed celebrities are Brad Pitt, Barack Obama, and Steve Carell. With millions of hits, Castor and Pollux have gone on to develop this show into their own Netflix movie. 

Every once in a while, the twins decide to do a prank video and get into trouble. For example, their prank of sneaking into the White House for 24 hours. Sneaking from bathroom to bathroom to the Oval Office, they even got a selfie with the painting of George Washington! After successfuly completing the challenge and uploading their video, they got in trouble with Zeus, who is still around himself. Zeus took away their immortality for a while, and after getting it back yet another prank video went up. Legend has it to this day the twins Castor and Pollux are still making it big on Youtube, uploading videos with millions of hits every time Zeus gives them back their immortality.

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