Cassandra, Princess of Troy

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A little girl, princess of Troy

Was never one that had much joy

Her tale is of great tragedy

Her life has inspired much study


Apollo gave the gift to know

But cursed her all those years ago

She was able to see who would die

Who would win fights and who would lie


Legend says that snakes licked her ears

Giving her grief throughout her years

She told truths that no one believed

It was her misfortune, their greed


Her father, the king, sent her away

For he knew she spoke truths everyday

No one believed her about Troy’s fall

Until the Greeks broke the Trojan wall


Two past lovers tried to save her

But she knew her fate, no waver

Chances of living were zero

But she couldn’t love a hero


She sought help in Athena’s shelter

Knowing what was waiting for her

When Ajax grabbed her, she fought back

No one came forward, help did lack


People threatened to break his bones

Ajax clung to Athena’s bones

Claiming innocence with an oath

Their anger had substantial growth


The floor shook from the angered Gods

Greeks began to fleet in little squads

Cassandra knew her demise was there

She tried to warn, the curse rang fair


They pushed their ships way out to sea

Trying to get away, trying to flee

The Gods decided to send a storm

The Greeks watched terrified as clouds form


Diving for the sea, the storm roared

Most of them died as the rain poured

Athena took care of Ajax

Saving him for her final acts


Cassandra left a curse behind

Saved in a chest to who would find

Brought to him by a fellow lad

The rich Greek leader, he went mad


Cassandra for Agamemnon

She was sent there as his new pawn

Concubine was her new-found name

Her fate would always be the same


Enraged Agamemnon’s lost wife

She sent herself to end his life

Aegisthus, her lover, joined in

Planning revenge for all their sins


Agamemnon sailed for his home

Two new sons, his family had grown

Cassandra knew what was coming

But there was no point in running


Cassandra in Elysain Fields

The coffin with her twin sons sealed

Together between the two towns

Who fought with her burial grounds

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