Caring is kind

Caring is o so kind.

If  not be so easy-

but, what of a mind?

When one is so busy.


One would be defined

by the love so dizzy.

Feel the feel of wind,

on your hair so frizzy.


So whats the mythology

of what makes you cozy?

To tell a story-

of a fated great poesy.


One may not say sorry

yet, if ye be rutty.

But of this great glory

then you  better be nutty.

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Tina Gonsalez

I like the rythm of this poetry. End rhymes is the very important feature here that adds to it's unusual melody. I would also add some alliteration as you have in the last stanza "great glory".
I am just curious how old is the writer. If I were to guess, I would say 17- 21. I feel that this young heart is overwhelmed with emotions.
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