Cardio Leftovers

Dear Heart,

I remeber it like it was yesterday. When we were whole. It was the middle of freshman year and although nothing was perfect it seemed like everything was ok. When the random number texted us we thought nothing of it. He tells us he is a senior and he's seen us around. We gained a friend that day.One who would make us laugh and call us beautiful. Whose fancy words made you flutter because you are such a big softy. He brought us up high with anticpation and want. He made us want more than just friendship. Then we learned he had a girlfriend. And a piece of you fell off.


I remember it like it was yesterday. When we were almost whole. After finally getting over our crush, our friend begs for our attention. We tell him to give it to his girlfriend and he asks can we just be friends. Although our cousin brain tells us not to, you convince me to give him a second chance at friendship. Then we started talking everyday and a year has passed. As a sophomore we fell more mature and confident. Then the lines between friendships and lovers began to fade. He begins telling us it's over between his girlfriend and he loves us. You flutter like never before. Then we see them together. And everything he says comes to light as a lie. And a piece of you fell off again.

I remember it like it was yesterday. When half of us were whole. We begin our junior year and we ignore any attempts are friend condtanly gives us. We meet a new boy and he's nice and we feed ducks. Then when things were looking up... we learn the tragic truth of our families. The physical abuse from our father. And a chunk of you fell off. Our boyfriend turns away from us and we lean on ourselves. But a blast from the past college boy comes back again... and holds us up more than our boyfriend ever has. We leave him. We don't get back with the boy... but it's nice to have a friend.

Now at my senior year, I look back on everything and I want to apologize and update you. It's been a while since we chat, but I remember all the pain we went through. We're happily in a relationship, and we are allowing him to repair us. He picked up the broken pieces and arranged them to resemble the whole heart we use to have. I remember it like it was yesterday. When we were whole. 

And maybe with his help.... we will be again,

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