Capturing Silence

Hovering between the last breath,

Before more words are spoken,

Silence swallows its victims.

Their fate lies in a creature,

That eats all thoughts,

That numbs all tongues. 

Despite its ear ringing

Buzzing that deafens love,

Vastness that exposes truth,

Their souls wave 

Where mouths shut.

There are no excuses

Between their fingertips,

No wavelengths to cover

The echo of their hearts.

Entwined in one other,

There comes realization,

Clarity, and calmness.

Wrapped in each other’s warmth,

Silence breathing down their necks,

They begin to understand

The feeling of completeness.

In this world it’s impossible

To enjoy the colors,

But yet together,

They can see

Life’s a painting,

And in it,

A masterpiece,


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