Captured Through The Mind


fort lauderdale
2320 NW 44th ave n/a
United States
26° 9' 21.7836" N, 80° 12' 30.8088" W

Have you ever wander in a way,  noone esle wanders

your head in thin air, your calling out but noone seem's to hear....

your shivering inside, searching for a place to hide(but craving for a way out)

fear haunts my mind tremendously 

Arrows casting at me from different areas unexpectedly...

My heart calls out, but my mouth are closed, my feet walks on but my gaze is frozed...

on one simple word coming from the mind (Help)

Noone seem to notice how in deep trouble I am in, I look around  where there's faces filled with 

happiness and smiles as a voice tells my heart (you may look unto them for aspiration

but you will not win)

 pains, lacks and wanting,giving me signs that their coming...i became very uncertain 

what have captured me my mind.


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