Captain Pop

I was too young to remember.

Regardless my imagination is large,

My love for him is larger,

And the numerous stories continue grow vivid.


He was young,

I was always standing by his side,

Watching his thick black curls start to frizz in the storm.

His eyes were as black as his hair,

Always smiling a joyous smile,

Laughing a contagious laugh alongside his shipmates.


The wind blew wildly in our faces, splashing sea salt in our eyes.

He had previously taught me how to properly steer the ship,

So I took the wheel, as he went to warn his crew of this grim midnight storm,

A nearby lighthouse helped guide me towards shore, along with the captain’s teachings.


It was dawn when we finally hit shore.

The ship was wrecked,

And the crew’s and captain’s eyes never opened.

It was dawn and I was alone on an unfamiliar beach,

I did what I was taught to do,

I explored.


I explored the unfamiliar and attempted the impossible,

Finding lovers and close friends,

Creating obstacles and enemies along the way,

A life of a passionate lover and defender,

A life well known and much respected,


I call him Captain,

Captain Pop.

This poem is about: 
My family


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