Captain America and Me

Wed, 01/07/2015 - 16:19 -- ktbob


I am flawless because I am passionate

Beauty is fleeting but loving the world is forever

My eyes turn to gold when I talk about what I love

The world turns to dust without zeal

I want my words to slam you like an awakening

I want you to realize you've been missing out

I want you to show affection the way I do

I want to feel like you care about me by admiring what I love

I need you to ask questions about why I cherish Captain America so much

Let me tell you why I need to believe in heroes

Let me show you why passion is the only thing that can save me

You cannot make me apologize for how I feel about things you won’t entertain

You cannot convince me that because my hero is fiction, he is not real

I will not let you put me out

You are not a firefighter

I am not burning anything down by asking you to be on fire too

Stop pretending I am destructive

When I am really just flawless

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