Capital Punishment

Wed, 09/04/2013 - 17:22 -- jjgrigg


You can't explain my God, as I can't know yours.
We’ve all got a higher self, within us it resides, it hides.
As above; so as below, an old axiom once said to comfort the soul, the mind, the body.
For me there is no singular God, I believe in us all, and in moments, in the singular and plural sense.  
My thoughts affect the Moon and Sun, my heart affects the Earth, as do yours; as does yours.
But to those to whom are of the mind to feel entitled to be moved, rather than to move of their own accord, "They" are the movers of nations, of peoples, of the individual.
“They” obscure and subvert us at every turn.
For hence was it, "They" who cast us asunder? Can you see the invisible hand?
No! It's not me!
No! It's them!
I am the moral one!
I am in the position of judge, not the judged!
I conspire to better this world from the front seat of my car!
I give to charity and in return am charitable, without giving my labor, my love, my time.
Oh, what a world!
Oh, what an era!
To be able to pay the coffers of my conscience monetary compensation to allow my guilt to cede from the state of my mind!
And to think, we almost missed it!
Profit over people, the mantra of the age!
You can taste it, smell it, fuck it, rub it on your face and dance with it, if you have the money.
Capitalism, oh, Capitalism,
How I love and love to hate you!
Capitalism, oh, Capitalism,
Keep sending the cops to police my rights, as long as I'm allowed to buy the latest contraptions and gadgets!
Capitalism, oh, Capitalism,
Give me liberty, and I promise I'll pay off the attached debt - with interest!
Capitalism, oh, Capitalism,
I can't wait for your extinction. 


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