Canvas of foods

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 11:52 -- rb2

Red, orange, green and even blue

No its not the rainbow I'm talking about but its food.

More than just a taste,

but an artwork of colors and designs on a plate.

Combining flavors to create a new,

experimenting with what works and what doesn't,

almost like an artist painting,

combing colors to paint his piece.

And, just like that artist creates a masterpieces

I create a masterplate.

Like he can bring you across the world, 

with different styles, paints, and objects,

so too, can I bring you around the world,

with different spices, flavors and a combination of cuisines. 

He can paint you a beautiful canvas

with different colors and textures

I can plate you a plate with the rainbow, and depths of flavors and textures. 

No one would disagree that a painter is an artist,

but, now you see a chef can be one too. 

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