Born into the world

Untouched and unstained by harm and knowledge

Still clean, fresh, innocent

But then the time starts there

I grow, I change, I alter, I mutate

I create conscious strokes on my blank canvas

the cosuming of knowledge dirties the innocence

as the paint of life creates a masterpiece

then suddenly, a block

a mistake, the permanent acrylic substance unchangeable

oh no oh no

Just cover it up, just cover it up with more and more paint

nobody will notice...nobody will notice

until the closest look and realize the wrong

confrontation and embarrassment

I am soiled

how will I continue?

Down these lines and color lie the monsters

but I must confront them too

Continue again and again

It's okay to make an err in this work

Draw a path, paint the life, imagine the future

Remember the Joy

But never forget the mistakes





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