Can't Turn a Snake Into a Friend

Yo it’s people like you that make it hard for ambitious people like me
You want to lie and criticize the real me that is beneath your eyes but you was never down to ride a long journey to a real friendship 
Instead you took bus stops at backstabbing hair grabbing pride sagging places that tried to replace me but failed to embrace you because you are is what I call a free-rider
Economically a free rider is defined as a person who never contributes a dime but always benefit from someone else
I don’t think you remember what I did for you
I was there to be your blanket when the ya man was a blizzard and his winds sliced through ya skin like cake 
and the same person who patched up your battle wounds when ya family turned their back on you like tape
Yea it was me that was in your life ever since eighth grade 
just so that you can escape the expectations that people had made
Don’t you forget that it was me who risked my freedom to get the five finger discount on that pregnancy test when you were enjoying your escapades. 
Don’t you forget when those hoes was trying to jump yo ass, I was down to ride like an escalade.
Never insulted your intelligence just admired your diligence to keep striving and improvising when you couldn’t make ends meet.
See now you betray me and expect for me to forgive and not forget
Not to stand up for myself but be humble and sit
No bitch. You are out your mother fucking mind.
Let me tell you something before you keep trying to downplay your memories like you don’t remember me. 
NIGGA please it was me 
When your right hand neglected you on the streets took your gold piece 
left you in the alley when you was too weak to walk 
Who was there? ME
Man I laugh hysterically when you call her your right hand because she should be your left, she left you repeatedly now she trying to compensate for your death with wealth. 
You dumb bitch you still don’t get it. 
They don’t care shit about you and your sister don’t either. 
She gon keep betraying you like Judas did Jesus. 
What makes you so special?
Fallen angels turned their back on God, she gon keep dogging your naïve ass out and swindle your small minded ass with all the shit she bought.
I would have forgiven you but now my pride won’t let me. 
I see you running trying make an army of enemies so now my anger is trying to test me. 
No matter who you tell your stories to I promise you won’t get the best of me 
even if you run to the arms of an ex bestie 
Remember when you talked about him and all those people and exposed them for who they really was inside
talked about them like scums of the earth and now your weak ass wanna cry.
They stupid for helping you but in time the will see, that there is two sides to every story, your bitter lies and the truth from me.
You repeatedly stabbed me in my back like Julius Caesar 
but unlike the king I will never get weaker
It makes me stronger than ox, swifter than a fox, wiser than the old, and hardens my heart like gold.
I hope you fake it till you make it because you nothing but a decoy no more than plastic. 
Just a lonely soul with a loud mouth claiming to be a bad bitch


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