Can't heal trust with a band-aid

You can’t fix trust with a Band-Aid.

Can’t just kiss it better or say I’m sorry.

It doesn’t work like that.


Lying is like driving a stake through their heart

And then not caring that you’ve shattered their soul

Leaving the gaping wound to bleed out.


That wound needs more than a Band-Aid.

It will need stitches and physical therapy to heal.

Time and love will slowly fix it.


But never completely.

Once you’ve lied you’ve lost a piece of the puzzle.

You can never put the whole picture back together.


You can try to fill it in

But it’s gone.

And you chose to toss that piece out when the lie left your lips.


So don’t blame me when the picture is incomplete

The doll can’t be glued back together

Or you can’t tape the tear in the paper.


Think before you lie.

Think of whose trust you will rip apart.

Whose piece you chose to throw away forever.


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