Can't Break a Spirit


I run in the ice  
I run for the sun 
The frost did follow 
I was the only one  

I thought if I keep going  
And I don't make a stand 
It'll all mean nothing 
No matter how far I ran 

I sat there and shivered 
I almost froze 
When death's at your door 
Anything goes 

Some words were spoken 
Directed at me  
"I'm going to break you 
Now you'll see" 

As I sat there in horror 
And stared death in the face 
I looked to the heavens 
As tears rolled down my face 

And I stood firm  
As the darkness fell on 
Because you can't break a spirit  
That's already gone 

The ice came upon me  
And all my tears froze 
There's two ways to die here 
A bullet I chose 

I leveled my weapon 
To meet my mind 
And just at that moment 
I was no longer blind 

A sound in the distance 
Chop-chop-chop I heard 
A voice began speaking 
"Can you hear me, sir?" 

The chopper came down 
I lowered my gun 
Two medics rushed out 
I heard, "Stay with me, son" 

And as I blacked out 
Death's scream I could hear it 
"I'm going to break you" 
You can't break my spirit!  

I woke up in a bed 
With mother at my side 
I held her loving hand 
And together we cried 

Never give up... 


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