Thu, 12/12/2013 - 02:25 -- longv2
I don't feel as if I'm here.
It is not with me, 
So strange to be in a place that I should. 
And all I have is lies. 
I've forgotten,
Too saturated in rapture,
Too removed.
Who is this person?
I've neglected to learn you as I should,
And I'm afraid you've placed your trust in me.
I've blazed in light,
But this is not who I am.
I cannot have any of it.  
It is how I've held,
How I've gone along with no one.
And while it is a lie,
It is pure as much as truth ought to be.
It hurts,
To know.
It really does.  
These starry places,
Where I've left ruins,
They've wrote over all of my skin.
Should visions of glory desert me.
Spilling opulence.
These beautiful and tragic universes,
Will color my own.
Without a word. 
And I'll bear their marks, they've sunken in.
I don't want to say goodbye.
When will it be,
That I fall asleep among you for the last time?


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