I lie in distant planes of a lost timeAnd my groans and sighs echo against the stones at my feet.For two waxen demons sit on my shoulderssAnd have grown too heavy for my frame.A wing made of wax cannot be folded;Neither can it bear the weight of Icarus skywards. I take a waxen feather and offer it to the sky,In hopes that He will consider coming closer.The Sun, in His eagerness to gift me heightFirmly takes His spear of skyAnd nails my demons to the ground,So waxen feathers become one with shining stones. The Earth trembles from my howl of pain,And I grind the stones between my fingers into fine sand.Like a pillar finding root in my feathers,The sky stretches for miles, sapphire encased in cotton,Until it reaches a pale face adorned by a crown of cosmos And bright eyes looped with concern. As I weep into the sand made of stones around me,The Sun feels the extent of my wounds.His royal blue cloak,Gifted to Him when He took His place among the stars,Fades away as He places another hand upon His spear of sky. The stars exclaim and run about in furyAs the Sun abandons His throne within the heavensAnd sets a foot onto the clouds that shape His spear,Leaving a footstep-shaped scorch mark along the horizon.My tears flow more fiercely,Forming a gleaming puddle around the sun’s spear,For my soul is liquified by the Sun’s concern,And I am unworthy of his proximity. The space between two lovers is dying smallerAnd yet, it is illuminated with lifeAs my northern star descends to meAnd I melt to liquid around His toes. Footprints of darkness trail along the sky,Casting hues of red, and blue, and purple,As though the day itself were bruised and batteredAnd thought, perhaps, it should take its leave,Allowing the stars to glitter like the finest jewels in the Sun’s treasury... His glow has grown weak in my liquid presence; He casts only a faint halo of lightWithin the space between our nearly touching noses.And, in a moment of brief abandon,Or freedom,Or recklessness,Or amazing, altruistic, ridiculous love...The Sun drowns in Icarus’s ocean,Consoling me in a final embrace,And the world is plunged into darkness. 

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Our world


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