A Candle

To only say the words

And make it right again

bring light, and change,

Bring back what has been

This place a mess

Dragged down and torn asunder

By vice, and greed, and rich men’s blunders

Hope’s candle set aflame, yet in vain we seek to see

The other side, the lighter side, of strife and misery

That flame still burns, in many a weary heart,

And yet time will pass before we see it start

The raging fire of revolution and change,

A sweeping movement, brought about by

Long suppressed fear, and struggle, and pain.

For first time in generations, tomorrow’s dawn seems darker

For our children, and our grandchildren,

Left are many years again until they prosper.

And yet, hope still burns, a feeble little candle

Out of reach of the storm, behind foggy glass,

sitting upon the mantle.

Protected by love, kept safe in the hearts of many

Again they’ll come around,

All the days of plenty

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