Cancer came like a shadow     One day I woke up and it was sitting on my couch     It had been watching me all night     Staring silently, speaking slowly.     Waiting for the moment when I would realize its presence.

Dark as night the shadow followed me.     Trying to trip me and succeeding.     Beating me and feeding off my pain     The shadow’s grasp was limited in the daylight      But strengthened in night.    

I tried to shake it     Break the laws keeping it chained to me.      The shadow was a monster.      It enveloped me, disguised me.     I was not recognizable.

The shadow has grown weary though,       It has eaten almost everything we have.      Growing gray and straying away.      It has almost left me.      

But it lingers. The shadow has shortened, but it will never go away.

This poem is about: 
My family


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