Can You See Me?


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I saw you from a distance
Far away, that I could not reach
I can see you
But can you see me?
I guess we were friends
But then a girl
I like to call Her
Entered our bends
She was smart, funny, and pretty
Me, I was none of the three
You talked about her all the time
Coming to me when you had something new to say.
I knew you could see
But you still never saw me
Then, soon I was too late
I then supposed you two became long-lasting mates
I was pushed aside
Letting my little show go on
As i stood there on the sidelines
But soon later,
She broke your heart for a boy named James Frazier
Who didn't even like her
You said you didn't care
But I knew there was something there
No one cared
But me
And still you didn't look at me
You couldn't even see me
But, 45 minutes later, she called and saidshe was sorry and that she loved you
And you took her back
Just like that
Now, you see
That killed me
More than it didwhen you called me those names
With a girl named with the letter K
I tried to not let it be known, but I think you saw through me.
That was the only time you every really saw me
Even if it was for only moments in time
I think you saw the true me
But you looked away, like you always did when youstarted to catch a glimmer of me
But the following week, you two broke apart
Becoming two individuals
Instead of one
Irejoiced with friends that you were finally free
So after reading this, my dear Devin
I have few questions
How do you feel?
Can you see me?
The true Emily.

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So personal.... I don't usually see the specifics, but I could feel the emotion.

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