Can You See It?

Sat, 03/23/2013 - 08:35 -- jkim14


United States
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White is beautiful.
It is bright, blinding white
That fills the cold days of winter.
It is the swirls of white
That cover the skies on a sunny day.
It is sweet, irresistible white
That seasons our morning coffee and tea.
But white alone is nothing.

Black is beautiful.
The mixture of all colors form
The vastness that is our universe.
A black that brings
Sleep and peace and quiet.
A shade with no other shade
Brings intensity to our eyes.
But alas, black alone is nothing.

Look at the zebra running wild
While young Susie plays the piano.
Watch the panda slumber away
As the killer whale kills its kill.
The penguin waddles
And the Dalmatian barks.
Put on your tuxedo,
Take a bite of the Oreo.
Open your eyes to the nature
That screams in anguish for you to see
The unity
of black
and white.

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