Can You Imagine?

In an ideal world  

we wouldn’t have world hunger,

whole cities wouldn’t be down under,

we wouldn’t have to wonder,

"When will this all end?",

"Are you really my friend?",

"Are we living in a world of play pretend?"


In an ideal world

we’d discover a solution for world peace,

we’d have a plethora of healthy trees,

and we wouldn’t be on our knees

begging for a second chance,

or crying over failed romance.

But, in reality,

we’re on a string undenyingly

performing our puppet routine.


Change is just around the corner,

yet we refuse to provide jobs to a foreigner,

even if they’re the only one in their trade,

could we sell their products as USA made?


Manufacture about a million,

then profits skyrocket towards a trillion,

from the markup trends we seem to dwell in.

Culture diminishes,

as one business finishes

and they get overtaken,

as the white man rakes it in,

and the workers won’t ever get a mention.


We work.

Blood, sweat, and tears.

The life that everyone fears,

So, we drown out our pains with vodka and beers,

And on your way home,

Your cars in both lanes of the road

Until it goes pitch black

With a dozen cars in a sloppy stack

And the whole neighborhood has a heart attack.

Loved ones lost,

The bills spike in cost,

And the struggles are at max.

We can’t pay seem to pay our taxes,

His muscles are larger than mine when he flexes,

And we can’t decide if we have two or twelve different sexes.


Meanwhile in another country,

They are beyond blessed if they make it week to week,

Much less day to day.

With a simple smile it all seems to fade away.

Those people have a strong sense of community

and actually take care of those in need.


So, we can post all we want on Instagram and Snapchat

that I have the roughest life,

and we’ll compete to top that.

Until we allow our perspective to shift,

From an all about me to an open my eyes to see,

Then we might eventually cross our dystopian rift.


If it’s In God We Trust,

We should break up with our selfish lust

and remember the law under which we thrive.

Because the only way we can survive

Is if we help each other revive themselves from failure

And press towards a more United future.


All for one, and one for all.

If one goes down we all will fall.

But it’s in our low that we find our high.

And as we fight, you’ll hear our cry.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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