Can You Hear Me?

Wed, 10/23/2013 - 04:46 -- rin0413

Can you hear me now? The deep screams of my sorrow.             

I screamed your name begging for you to come back to

Me but you told me your time here was borrowed.

I loved you and you were no longer here.

Each waking night I look at my bed in fear.

Can you hear me now! I know you do! the sad sickening

Feeling that I wanted to be dead, the sad memories that is remembered in red  

Old memories stirred by a simple touch, I can’t help but to wonder.

Do I deserve to be loved? Do I deserve the divine intervention From above?          

The dark chill that I felt as each poison touched my lips, all I wanted was one last kiss a

Simple reminder of child hood bliss. Why won’t you talk to me I’m SCREAMING at the top of my lungs?

Wake up right now and admit to me that we were wrong.

Don’t you leave me here without so much as a goodbye, don’t you walk away from

What I can see with the naked eye.  You took everything from me, I want it all back

My heart, my soul, and my destiny.

Can you hear me now?! I see you staring at me from a distance.

But as I stare at you, you finally say

Are you really going to miss this?

You began to talk so I Sat and listened and you raise your voice looking over top of me,

Everything about you glistened.

Listen to me my beautiful creation; you live in your world, in Gods nation

I have not taken your destiny for your destiny is not up to me.

Do not shed your tears I am always here, to guide you along the way I will be

Here to the end of all days.

I’ve mended your heart and polished you soul, for the love we share will never grow old

I do not speak to you as much because I cannot help you with things as such

You live in the now, not in the past, this beautiful seed you’ve planted in the grass

Is yours too keep and nourish, just as I have nourish and kept you. Do not fret my dear

The path you are destined may not be clear

But do not fear I’ll hold your hand and we'll walk very quickly for I cannot stay long.

I just had to tell you, you had the power all along.

Can you hear me? I thought you could; everything you told me I understood. I’ll be the person

I’m destined to be greater than the last you’ll see here I am world I have clarity,

I will speak louder than the higher degree. Everyone listen up, Hello.....



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