Came To Win

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You Can​'t Break Me


I will Make Me

Stronger Than I've Ever Been 

Push Me Shove Me

Take Her From Me

For Us All

I Came To Win



Now Listen to me my peers

Because I'm going to give it to you straight

I've been fighting all my life

I've been fighting everyday

Struggles mishaps tragedies

Getting lost all in my dreams

writing down just what i mean

Sit your fanny down

Please believe

That I

Go Hard

 With wicked Rhymes

And I'm

Just out here getting mines


Not only About me

Cause if it was

Then you wouldn't be hearing me

On the microphone

This is where I belong


On my own I am singing this whole song

So show some love for the young guy

Because he's out here chasing Dreams

She helped him see  

Now he is free

To be what he is suppose to be

She knows 

He knows

Now is the time to push each other

Doing it for all my brothers partners and my Family

I'm proud to be

You proud of me?

One day I'll be that boy that you can picture seeing on TV...

It just doesn't end my friend

I'm trying to be free

Loving myself

Because the music is in me

I'm prepping myself so get ready to be amazed

You See

I'm Praying to be

The one that proves that this is fate

Close the door on what?

On who? Oh

On me and You?

Said you have to earn your place in this world fool!

Can't even give a boy the time of day

To say what is on his mind

But Soon that day will come

Until Then I'll be on my Grind...

Hey World!



You Can​'t Break Me

I will Make Me 

Stronger Than I've Ever Been 

Push Me Shove Me 

Take Her From Me

For Us All 

I Came To Win




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem speaks in high volumes

appreciate the message

reminds me of a lyrical verse freestyle

i understand about struggles

it's what you do in getting through 

keep writing, keep spitting

got alot to give


Thank you so much! I know there are many that understand

It's hard to find them and the time to discuss it so I'm glad I found this website!

All my poems here are written from freestyles/songs I write only modified to fit more of the poetic format

I can't wait to make top quality sound productions of them and more

I feel I can understand any artist when i read or hear work

I've learned to feel others feelings and shift to different emotions

All thanks to music and experience from all types

I truly believe it will save my life

THanks again I deffinitely see you as another mentor to me and my craft.

Keep Inspiring MVP!

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