Sun, 06/14/2020 - 18:44 -- deSribe

Calvary, calvary, calvary

Gave His only progeny

What a great love for humanity

That bought us back - God's property.


Calvary, calvary, calvary

Calvary took all the misery

Calvary gave me the victory

Over fear, death and iniquity.


Calvary, calvary, calvary

Calvary gave me prosperity

God's vision - my reality

Brought me hope and identity.


Calvary, calvary, calvary

Please put an end to this hostility

Teach my soul the ways of charity

To love God and Humanity.


Calvary, calvary, calvary

It is I - me anomaly

Please turn my heart away from vanity

And set my eyes fixed on eternity.


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Our world
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