Calm Through the Storm

The boat was shipwrecked,

The sails were badly torn,

Blood was splattered on the maindeck,

Yet I was calm through the storm.

Half the crew was missing,

And the other half was still aboard.

Our captain was quite furious,

But I was calm through the storm.

My cabin seemed lonely and dark,

The food was almost gorged,

Cook's bread had grown moldy,

Still I was calm through the storm.

When all hope had but left us,

And no ships afar could be seen,

I quelled the rifts among us,

Captain still looked mean.

He yelled and lost his temper,

Just like the waves we moored,

The crew and I were starving,

Though I kept calm through the storm.

Our morals must not fail us,

We still might float ashore,

On the crests of those angry waves,

That tore our ship to the core.

Hope was on the horizon,

And we saw a regal vessel aborne,

Riding the surf towards our wreck,

Looking quite calm through the storm.

So thus we had found salvation,

Because when all else had failed,

I held my ground until the end,

Calm through the storm I sailed.


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