Calloused Hands and Beautiful Galaxies

Let me teach you how calloused hands and beautiful galaxies go together.

See I still remember the first time I saw him, I saw galaxies in his eyes,

I remember his calloused hands and how I assumed he was a hard worker,

How his hands fit in mine like puzzle pieces perfect for each other, 

I remember how I used to draw beautiful bright galaxies on the backs of my hands, he was always the Sun and I was the Earth because he was my light,

I remember how his fingers traced my curves like he was writing his name in the sand

I remember how he would run his hands through my hair and twirl just one strand 

But most of all I remember how he pulled it,

How a glaze went over his eyes when he got angry and the galaxies disappeared,

I remember the first time I felt his hand glide across my face

Instead of holding my hand he would pin it behind my back so he could hit me easier 

But my momma always said that actions speak louder than words,

For me that meant when he would scream at me at home but kiss me in public he was just having a bad day

But those days turned into weeks, those weeks turned into months, and those months into a year 

I guess I just never realized that I am supposed to be the Sun in my solar system,

But when I realized calloused hands and galaxies go together I realized his hands were for the beautiful galaxies and planets and suns he beat just like me,

But you have to remember that there are comets in galaxies too,

But if you shine bright enough they can't even touch you 

So now when I see calloused hands or shooting stars I flinch a little for I can never forget him

But when I flip over my hand, away from the galaxies, I realize that my hands are calloused too from the war I waged on the stars,

And when I look up into the mirror I see the galaxies in my eyes

For calloused hands are for calloused souls, and beautiful galaxies go with beautiful people

... and that's how I realized that calloused hands and beautiful galaxies...

Go together.


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