A Call for Unity

A once proud nation towering above its opposition

In both the battles of science and national pride

Finds half of itself screaming for a return to the past

And the other half wishing to move towards the future

This was not caused by bloodshed

But by an upheaval in the status quo

And a war of public opinion

In the short half-year since the shift

Opposition has not waned against the country’s new leader

While positive change has happened

The dissenters decry it as the work of the predecessor

Or ignore it all together, calling any opponents to their regime fascists and Nazis

Tearing down bastions of free speech and attempting their opponents

To bend to their whims and desires

The problems our nation faces are not the branches of foreign affairs or the tense wars

But an outright refusal to accept the course that has been plotted

And an immediate ignorance to anything positive that could be brought about

The refusal to back our own leader puts the nation in an awkward position

To our allies we look bipolar

And to our enemies we look weak

To everyone else we look as if history will soon repeat itself

And both sides in this ideological battle that might tear the nation apart

Vehemently refuse to unite and face down our enemies

The first step to solving any problem the country faces

Whether it be the education of the youth or the welfare of its people

Is to stand united behind its leader to face these problems head on

And to give this leader an opportunity to prove through actions

Not words

That he can rightfully hold the title of “Leader of the Free World”

And until the people are willing to at the very least tolerate the leader

And stand behind the welfare of the country

Its people will continue to war with each other

And continue to debate giving up its God-given rights

In order to slay a nonexistent demon


This poem is about: 
My country


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