Caleb's Boast


Caleb, the creative Californian,

Carefully contemplates over his life worthy of boast-age.

His awesome artistic ability gives him an advantage.

Creating sights for sore eyes

Out of ordinary art supplies.

Caleb, the son of Joe,

Professionally runs power point presentations

At his church while enjoying the extremely exonerating sensations.

Although quiet, he never quits quarreling with his sister.

He plans to learn guitar in hopes of not getting a blister.

Caleb, the son of his mom,

Is caring and cautiously calm,

Which leads him to want to work with special needs

To earn the money for the the food that feeds.

He wants to own a ranch

Where disabled kids can come and dance.

Going to college will help with this

Being a senior in high school assists.

He wishes to wander the world

Because being boring makes him want to hurl.




The fact that it ryhmes and I came up with it. 


The fonts and wacky word places

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