This Cage I’m In

Another night melts away as the morning routine flirts with me, teases and prods me until I eventually climb out of my bed and begin another uneventful version of lately, a day like every other day. It goes without utterance, the smallest things that you miss, sadly taken for granted, overlooked and dismissed, imagine to yourself, all the things these gams, these useless limbs, helped me to do. I might sound moross and even bitter to you, but the restlessness that haunts me every moment I’m awake, keeps right on reminding me, how long this will take. To be free of these shackles once and for all, keeps me hopeful enough to try and stand tall. It will just take a moment, I feel it is true, but months will have passed, while I’m feeling so blue. Keep your eye on the prize boy, buck up and be brave! If they knew what I’m going through, get me out of this cave! The kindness of one who is dearest to me, keeps my feet firmly planted, so I won’t want to be, pushing up daisies to finally be free. Like all things that matter, when they’re taken away, life’s what you make of it, starting today.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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