The Cabin

Summer time is here and along with that brings the family out.
Out on break from school and work, out enjoying what nature offers.
At our family cabin hidden back in the woods of rolling hills.
Sitting on the deck extended out from the ground make you feel
like you are floating in the warm summer breeze.
Closing your eyes, the chirping of birds and chipmunks all around.
The smell of the campfire smoke hovering in the air is such
an addictive smell, one you look forward to.
Family is starting to cook dinner and talking about what to do tomorrow.
The smell of charcoal burning, cooking a juicy steak, the taste of fresh, crisp veggies,
the sweetness of honey smoked baked beans, and those o so sweet smores.
Swimming, miniature golf, fishing, shopping.
You can do all that back in the city where you came from.
When I am on my break, all I want to do is sit here in the warm summer breeze,
Looking at the rolling hills and pine trees.
I want to enjoy the smells of the pine trees, the cooking, and the campfire.
The taste of the smores that only come along with camping.
On break I want to be in a place of enjoyment and relaxation.
That place is, The Cabin.

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