Cømmên Plaçe

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 00:19 -- mhan




Everyday I come this way

To hear the music gaily play;

Or do my fingers hit the notes

And run them till they're burning smote?


Alas, my dear, it is not so!

For every single time I go

I seem to run amuck in leer

And even so it is unclear


Why my head is in disguise

Or does my brain veil my demise?

For I haven't known my fault in here

And now I must deal with my fear


Of failure of my farthest dreams

A list that may fill many reams

And though I knew naught such deep faults

I still have time to clear my thoughts.


Throw away those smitten lies

Break the fake and lowly ties

Alleviate my broken spirit

Destroy the rest with wizened wit


For then there shall in moment's time

Be some company sublime.

Arrival of a faerie fair

Shall lift my worries beyond the air.




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