Business Trip

I booked a trip to my past.

I had some things to take back.

First up, Insecurities.

Broken promises & Trauma were each packed individually.

Frustration grew impatient so I zipped him in with Neglect as he sat waiting.

Fears heart wouldn't stop racing.

To get Anxiety to come along I told her we were going places.

Doubt & Worrisome fit into my carry on.

Empathy was saddened she couldn't come.

Consistency's job was to keep her strong

Drama sobbed as I dragged her along

I approached the plane but noticed I left out Pain,

But she limped on just as I boarded.

Negativity sat next to me, it was inevitable I'd absorb it

So I turned away, it just so happens that the face off Rejection is my window's reflection

The pilot took off, that's when I reached in my pocket and pulled out Depression.

I didn't regret him.

He taught me some of life's most valuable lessons.

The entire flight I held him in my hand

I dozed off just as we began to land

I grabbed all my baggage,

Trouble & Childish were laughing as I walked out of the cabin

I Opened the door of the cab then,

Gently tossed in Insecurities

Neglect fit next to them perfectly.

Frustration took his place while Anxiety scurried in the back seat.

I had to sneak Fears in the trunk while they were still asleep.

Doubt & Worrisome we're buckled in the seats that we're boosters.

Depression was still in my hand, He couldn't comprehend why it had to end, even though our relationship was abusive.

I looked him in the eyes and asked

"why did you do it?"

He looked me back with shrugged shoulders,

"I just thought you should know that this world is the coldest and life sent you to me, in order to show it."

We both shed tears of the departure.

I let go of all my Fears for my future daughter.

I broke up with Depression so I could remember who I was.

I left Doubts and Worrisome go they held me back to long.

I grew tired of Neglect singing the same old song.

Frustration had a replacement his name was Calm.

Broken promises & Trauma were too much of the past.

I hope Insecurities knew she wouldn't last.

Drama couldn't fit into my new frame.

Anxiety? I made sure she forgot my name.

 I left Negativity on the plane.

Pain is someone I've known for too long, I had to leave her behind.

I closed the door for the last time.

The cab drove off with all my baggage inside.

I turned around and embraced Freedom's location and together we waved to Goodbye.


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