The business of Show

The business of show


The business of show

is a strange thing I know,

It lives for a yes but then kills with a no

It asks for your heart but your image it owns

It lifts up your head but it can’t let it go


When push comes to shove

it’s the pushy that win

The thick end of the wedge

is quite often the thin

And the ones that give all

are the ones that are in

Then you’re out of the cold

with a nod and a grin.


For many the act

Covers up the real me

Not a platform that caters

for true identity

Just a place to become a celebrity

But to celebrate what

is not easy to see

Its a place to enhance

to advance

and to dance

on the ones that were there

when you when you first had a chance.


The deep Become shallow

then beg you to swim

on the edge of the coast

where the sharks then begin

To devour the ones who can’t handle the spin or the lies of the few

who can brandish the pin

of deflation and failure

The broken derailer

the pressure that says

That theres no one who’ll pay ya


Yet for me there’s a freedom

in this show and tell

if you’re born for the spotlight

then light can dispel

all that falsehood and fable

a chance to be stable

to do all that your able

in being a star

to show true creation

to build that foundation

an honest narration of all that you are.


So id rather be honest

and not be a sham

or court fame and fortune

and build up the dam

of pretence and deceit

and all thats a scam

I’m gonna be true

to the person i am.


so ill keep on performing

In true honesty

Not be tied to system

But be open and free

even if that leads to anonymity

 I am who i am

 i’m authentically me

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